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David King / David King Consulting

"Janice has a fine blend of business sense and great integrity in dealing with people. One of Janice´s most important assets is her ability to deal with people in an open, non-judgmental and accepting manner with both strength and humility."

"Janice has worked one-on-one with several hundred of our clients and has been very effective in every case. She truly loves her work and it shows. Client feedback is universally positive regarding her ability for teaching and insightful coaching in an atmosphere of dignity and fun. She has good common sense, has senior level perspective on business issues and cares deeply about the growth, development and well-being of her clients."                                     

"Janice Clark is at the top of my list when I need Birkman testing,  training, and an executive coach for my clients and employees.  She has helped my employers and employees maximize their communication, productivity, and well being in our organization making it a win win for everyone.  Janice is the best Birkman counselor I have used, and I recommend her almost daily to my clients."

Kay Lynn Kuper / Kuper Resources

"Your style was invaluable to the process: listen/integrate, listen/integrate. It was also a great help to have you be such a nonjudgmental presence as we covered this potentially soul-baring material."

"You were heroically available and delightfully transparent"

Teambuilding Participant / Episcopal Diocese of Texas

"It is not only Janice´s knowledge that makes her so valuable. Her style of interacting with people is also uncommon. She has a way of putting people at ease. She´s candid, but not judgmental. Optimistic, but also realistic. Janice believes that each person has an "inner compass" that helps them make choices that are best for them. And she innately knows how to help her clients discover and use that compass.


Through her individual coaching program, and her modeling of outstanding coaching skills, in one-on-one and group settings, Janice has helped me develop new behaviors and skills that have been no less than life changing. They have dramatically increased my ability to identify what I want in my life — in both personal and business matters — and to pursue those changes with purpose, enthusiasm, and optimism.


In particular, the coaching skills she helped me develop and refine have increased my effectiveness in both my business consulting relationships and my relationships with friends and family. They also prepared me to help others explore, pursue, and create what they want in their lives."


Tim Smith / Eads Distribution


"In the individual coaching sessions that Janice did for several of our employees in the stressful commodity group, her work had a really positive impact. The employees she coached found her guidance and insight to be very valuable, and in turn, improved their attitudes, performance, and productivity."

"At a workshop she did with a business unit leader and her direct reports in the e-commerce group, Janice used the Birkman tool to discuss maximizing the group´s effectiveness of their personal relationships. The team gained personal insight that helped them to become better leaders and team players."


Kelly Murphy / Aquila Energy

"When the hiring of a new partner-level person began to raise concerns, Janice Clark provided effective tools and counsel at each individual´s own pace to determine how the situation could be resolved. She did an excellent job and expanded my knowledge so that I now have more confidence in handling difficult situations. The bottom line: we are not going to hire anyone again without Janice. She will be a big part of our future process and will help us with the professional development process, performance reviews and team building."

John Dennis / Woodrock and Co.

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