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Janice Clark


"Small steps, taken in strategic directions, create powerful outcomes."


 "I invite and then empower clients to change their paradigms about themselves, others, and their workplace."

"It’s a leader's job to grow and change and organization, it’s my job to help the leader grow and change."

"As a society we are good at starting… but not as good at working the steps."


"My job is to help you discover and hone your innate abilities so you can take your career to a higher level."

Leaders grow and change an organization -

            I help the leaders grow and change.


Through one on one coaching, inspirational, bottom line oriented training programs and energizing, thought provoking team building sessions, Janice Clark & Associates improves business results, develops leaders, and creates productive, high accountability work environments for both corporations and not for profit organizations.
Janice Clark has over 25 years of corporate and consulting experience in a variety of industries including Public Accounting, Oil & Gas, Engineering & Construction, Real Estate, Transportation, Investment Banking, Publishing, PR, and Petrochemical.

Ms. Clark's workshops and corporate coaching strategies focus on helping individuals realize their full potential and maximize productivity by accepting a higher level of personal responsibility, including understanding themselves and others at a deeper level with broader perspective. Her hands on leadership experience and non-judgmental approach are key factors in her ability to successfully coach toward practical applications and accelerated, sustained change.   

She has good common sense, reads politics well, has senior level perspective on business issues, a great sense of humor and cares deeply about the growth, development and well being of her clients.

Ms. Clark has a unique combination of skills as a coach; She has had P&L responsibilities, run multimillion dollar corporate divisions, hired, fired, and developed up and coming leaders. She understands politics, internal and external hierarchies, and corporate power structures, which are so important to being successful in business. Janice is as comfortable talking business strategy as she is leadership development and organizational change. Ms. Clark welcomes taking on and resolving the ever present conflict that naturally occurs between intelligent, interesting, sometimes irreplaceable, high powered personalities.


In all the corporate positions Ms. Clark held, she was considered an “intrapreneur”, leader, and was responsible for the hiring, development and firing of employees.

She spent the first 14 years of her career on the commercial side of the Oil and Gas business in Houston and London. Janice has experience in exploration, production, pipeline construction, negotiating contracts, transporting natural gas, and running a large natural gas trading organization. She had her midlife crisis and went to school to get a Masters in Psychology and after graduation went right back into the business to coach executives and their teams.
Areas of Expertise:

1.      Coaching high potential or under performing leaders

2.      Supporting individuals in the navigation of internal/external politics

3.      Being a sounding board for business strategy and prioritizing

4.      Getting organizations to actually talk and communicate more openly

5.      Hiring, on-boarding, or counseling out, the appropriate employees

6.      Integrating cultures post-merger/acquisition

7.      Accelerating positive change within the organization by bringing in

         new perspectives

8.      Helping individuals or teams resolve conflicts that reduce productivity

         and stress

9.      Improving individual sales style to increase sales


BA Liberal Arts:  Spanish and French
University of Texas

MA  Applied Spiritual Psychology
University of Santa Monica


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