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A junior or senior in high school is thinking about what college to apply to, what courses to sign up for. What a big life decision! I work with the student and their family to help navigate the myriad of choices. We use the Birkman Career Assessment to better understand the student’s personality, and then identify specific career paths and college environments that best fit their personality.


A senior in college is beginning to look for post-graduation career opportunities. I guide these individuals in deciding what industry, roles within industries, and what kind of work environment is best suited for them. Again we use the Birkman to compare personality and potential work environments. We also create an interviewing structure so the individual can clearly articulate their strengths in order to land the right job for them.


And lastly there are those that need to decide whether to go back to school or change career paths once they have already had experience in the work force. We use the Birkman for insight, and add our collective wisdom from years of work experience, to discover what the best next steps could be.



"The Birkman Test really helped me figure out what was important to me when looking for employment. It assessed my intrinsic qualities as a person and made very accurate projections of some of my ideal career paths. The Birkman Test is a great way to discover what jobs fit your personality especially if you are uncertain about what career you wish to pursue.


Janice was incredibly helpful interpreting the results of the test and really got me ready for my upcoming interview!"


J. Rice / Career Consulting Client


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