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Coaching Paradigm:

Where are you now?
Where do you want to go?
How can I help you get there efficiently, effectively, and while enjoying the process?
Coaching Philosophy
1. The growth and development of the leader is in service to both the leader and the bottom line of the organization. Based on her 13 years of Fortune 500 corporate management and leadership experience, along with 20 years experience coaching executives, she brings a senior level perspective on business issues, but with a very heart-centered approach to creating sustainable change.
2. Janice has a way of putting people at ease and quickly building rapport by being candid, but not judgmental. Everyone has strengths that can also inherently become their greatest weaknesses. We all have unique combinations of talents that need to be tweaked for specific roles and situations. Janice sees coaching as an enjoyable and enlightening pathway to positive growth and change. The client sees and feels this connection, then quickly and effortlessly opens up and starts moving forward in an atmosphere of dignity and fun.
3. Janice uses assessments as an integral part of the coaching engagement. The information is generated by the client, which provides credibility to the process and pinpoints specific issues or combinations of issues. This information accelerates the process of change. (click on Assessment section for more info)
4. Ms. Clark uses both directive and non-directive coaching styles, depending on the situation and the client’s needs at the moment. A directive style is useful in situations where there are time constraints and the client seeks the quickest path to success. Using a directive style, she provides feedback from others and shares her own expertise from her business and leadership coaching experience. Under less demanding time constraints, she can use a non-directive style, which relies on powerful questions that help the client uncover his or her issues and “growing edges.”  This approach allows the client to quickly lock in a specific commitment to action.
5. Accountability. Janice sees things others don´t see and says things others are not willing to say — in a most respectful manner. She listens to what is said and points out incongruencies in a direct and loving way. Her approach and intention is to deal with people in an open, non-judgmental and accepting manner with both strength and humility.
6. Janice is intentional about incorporating all levels of learning and growth in her work; auditory, visual, kinesthetic, intuitive. When a client has an unresolved issue that has been free floating in their mind for some time, she identifies and captures the key issues (often on a flip chart) in a way for the client to see the puzzle pieces come together. They experience an "aha" moment and can create a clear action plan forward. Janice´s clients consistently state how valuable this is, freeing up an enormous amount of energy which can be directed positively into action.
Representative Project
Coached executives and their staff at a leading energy company to help them achieve higher levels of performance and more effective leadership styles.  Assisted leaders to become aware of blind spots and create new behaviors in the following areas:
- Smoothing out rough edges
- Identifying and redirecting strengths that have been overused and become liabilities
- Uncovering unknown weaknesses
- Developing underused gifts or talents
-Coached star players that had begun underperforming and needed help getting back on track.
- Underperformance was triggered by:
      - Conflict with direct reports, peers, management, or
      - New responsibilities that they were not prepared for, or
      - General life imbalance, i.e., focusing on work too much and losing connection

        with other parts of their life that kept their perspective.

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